MERIDIA is a company exclusively dedicated to the practice of construction engineering and real estate development with over 12 years of servicing local and international Clients and Projects.

Founded in 2008 MERIDIA has a portfolio of over 90 projects that have been implemented over a wide range of construction developments and real estate.

The company track record includes the management of more than 95.000m2 of construction and Office Remodeling, 10.000m² of commercial developments, 90.000m² of industrial developments, 100.000 m² of residential developments, 5.000m² of social projects and more than 50.000 m² of infrastructure projects, in addition to consulting and planning over 250 hectares of development.


Overcome expectations of our clients in the development of real-estate projects under the principles of modern knowledge, excellency in technical management, compliance of laws, norms and other existing provisions and the integrity in the proceeding.


Be a recognized Company for its excellency in project management and project development, participating actively in the progress of Costa Rica and the Central American region and proudly appreciating an important portfolio of successful projects and satisfied customers.


• Integrity • Passion • Knowledge • Quality • Efficiency • Innovation





The installed capacity of the company with the experience acquired in the management of different projects, allows us to offer a wide range of services at any stage of a real estate development.

8 Financial structuring.
8 Bank management.
8 Project Management.
8 Constructions and development consulting.
8 Business Advice for Construction.
8 Representation of owners.
8 Supervision contract counseling.
8 Conflict Resolution.
8 Negotiations.
8 Property Valuation.
8 Feasibility studies.

8 Diligence of projects and land.
8 Engineering costs.
8 Value Engineering.
8 Financial Projection and and development of blueprints.
8 Planning and Scheduling Work Management.
8 Procurement Processes.
8 Contract Management.
8 Risk assessment and management.
8 Permits y paperwork.


8 Work directions.
8 Inspection.
8 Construction and design contracts review.
8 Construction plans and specifications review.
8 Coordinating Specialists for problem solving.
8 Change Orders Management.
8 Accounting and Financial Control.

8 Coordination of marketing and sales strategies.
8 Claims Administration.
8 Coordination of marketing events.
8 Review of settlements and guarantees



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